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Attack Path Scenario

a safer way to predict, analyse and mitigate the risk of sophisticated cyber attack


For companies that want to:

  • know what they have that needs defending
  • get fast and accurate discovery of all vulnerabilities across your network
  • see where vulnerabilities interconnect in hub spots
  • have detailed information to set a priority action plan of what to action first

For global / multi-site enterprises, information can be shared across sites to depict global attack path scenarios.

  Time to identify, time to correct

How long does it take to identify a vulnerability and once you have found it, how long does it take to remedy the situation? Automating this process is the first step in ensuring reporting information is constantly up to date, enabling IT teams to prioritise budget and resource to mitigate key vulnerabilities.

The costs associated with manual testing can make it prohibitive to run penetration tests more than a couple of times a year - this is where Cronus Cybot comes in. Cronus Cybot is a unique, patented, predictive, Attack Path Scenario (APS) software solution. Cybot Pro imitates human hacker behaviour and operating practices, it performs around-the-clock penetration testing on all IP-based components in your environment - including infrastructure, applications and databases - to find vulnerabilities and complex attack path scenarios in real-time.

What is an Attack Path Scenario service?
Building a Combined Security Suite

Our approach is to enable your team to access a complete portfolio of services that will protect your data, reputation and revenue. Cronus Cybot is a vital component in delivering 24x7x365 penetration testing to radically decrease the time to identify and time to correct vulnerabilities.

iNetYears Attack Path Scenario (APS)

Imitate human hacker behaviour

Predict, analyse and mitigate the risk of attack

Combine multi site deployment to predict global attack path scenarios

Can integrate with leading SIEM and Patch Management platforms

A Safer Way To protect your organisation and test resilience against sophisticated cyber attacks.

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